Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Flower City Pickers Inc?
We are a secular group of 100% volunteers that collects leftover produce directly from vendors at Rochester's Public Market. We redistribute this food to local homeless shelters, halfway houses, soup kitchens, food pantries, and other organizations that help people in need.

What do you do?
After collecting produce from vendors, the food is then sorted into food that's usable and food for compost. Usable food is then divided among the various shelters and organizations we will be benefiting that week. The food for compost is divided among those with animals such as pigs, chickens, rabbits or is composted.

Who can help with Flower City Pickers?
YOU! We are a secular, all inclusive group! We have volunteers who speak different languages including American Sign Language.  We can find ways for most everyone to help!

How can I get involved?
We meet every Saturday at Rochester's Public Market for collections from 12pm-4pm near the Pennsylvania Ave. entrance.  You can help collect, sort, load, distribute and deliver food! We require that new participants sign up to volunteer. Those interested in helping to steer and expand our mission may also attend our membership meetings which are held at various times of the year and are published on our social media pages.  You can also contact

I have a group that would like to volunteer, how can we get involved?
If you are bringing a group, please email after filling out our volunteer signup on behalf of our group. Please inform us of the age range, required accommodations, and any questions you may have prior to your volunteering experience.

I can't help sort or deliver recovered food, is there anything else I can do?
If you can't make it on a Saturday, you can still help! At various times throughout the year, we hold membership meetings where we share feedback, advice, concerns, and discuss upcoming events and other topics related to FCP.  For more information on becoming a member or being notified about our upcoming meetings email: 

How can I become a beneficiary (receive donations) from Flower City Pickers Inc?
Please check our Become a Beneficiary page for more information or contact with specific questions regarding pickup, delivery, and partnerships. 

Have a question that hasn't been answered yet?

If you cannot find the answer to your question anywhere on our site, please feel free to ask us via email! Send your question to: