Happy Sunday everyone!  Flower City Pickers diverted nearly 2,000lbs of food from the landfill to agencies in Rochester yesterday. THAT'S ALMOST A TON!!!!!    We were also able to divert OVER a TON of food and send it with three local area farmers who will use it to feed their pigs and chickens.  We only composted 225lbs!  This is really impressive work! 

The volunteers that come to the Market each week to help us are invaluable~ we LITERALLY could not do this without them - so we want to take a minute to thank all of them.

Cam, Phyllis, Kendra (and her sister Leslie), Noah, Deborah, Amy, Ashley, Jayne, Ellie, Liz, Brooklyn, Dagny and Gill - THANK YOU!  We sent that 1999 lbs of food to 10 agencies in the Rochester area.  This will provide food for families in need all over our community. 

At a time like this when people are really starting to feel the pinch and the stress of all that has happened in our world since early March, Flower City Pickers is truly grateful for the volunteers who offer their Saturdays to us to help us.




        Happy Monday everyone!  Flower City Pickers had a great weekend at the Rochester Public Market.  In just over 3 hours, we moved  FIVE TONS of food!  Let that sink in for a minute.  5 TONS!  We couldn’t do this each week without great volunteers who come out and donate their time and energy to help feed the hungry. 

            The group INTO THE ROC was out with us this weekend and we want to say THANK YOU to all of you!  You guys really know how to dig in and work hard.  From shucking corn to de-packaging tomatoes, this was not the best week to wear your best tennis shoes!  We laughed, got messy, talked, laughed some more, and moved 5 tons of food! 

            We were able to provide produce and bread to over 100 families this week, and 8 other agencies and organizations that provide meals or emergency food supplies to those who might benefit.  All of this is possible because of volunteers who come out each week and donate their Saturday to helping.  Diverting five tons of food from going to the landfill is no small feat, so everyone who helped out this weekend should give themselves a pat on the back for a job well done!  Your efforts do not go unnoticed or unappreciated. 

            If you are interested in helping out, click the volunteer button at the top of this page, call us on our main number, email me at amy@flowercitypickers.org (or any member of FCP), or donate if you are able.  We are always moving and always looking for energetic, motivated people who aren’t afraid to work! 

 Have a great week everyone and remember~

Feed People, Not Landfills