So glad to have the ROC Rotary come out (again) to help us with our food recovery efforts at the Rochester Public Market.  In just 3.5 hours, 15 people moved 6,900 lbs of food!  Thank you ROC Rotary for volunteering your time and not being afraid to work or get dirty.
Each week is different at the Public Market, so each week is different for FCP.

As always, Feed People, Not Landfills.



Happy Fourth of July!  Things are much different this than they have been in years past~ for many people.  World, national and local events are on all of our minds and hearts.  In the world of food recovery, people are still out trying to recover, recycle and reuse leftover food and prevent it from becoming a landfill statistic.  In the world of food insecurity, more and more organizations are trying to do more with less, by trying to serve the ever growing populations of those who may not have enough to eat.

The Rochester Public Market was alive and well yesterday, and the vendors and farmers were able to give us nearly six hundred pounds of food for sorting and redistribution to the organizations and others who rely on us.  Our goal is to supplement the food shares that organizations, agencies and individuals are able to get from other sources, by providing them with produce and bread that we collect and sort.  Sounds easy, right?  

We need your help each week to make it happen.  Without the volunteers that sign up each week on signup.com to come and help us set up tents and tables, sort vegetables and make deliveries, none of this could happen.  While we have a small group of dedicated core volunteers, we are always looking for people who have a desire to feed the hungry and prevent food waste.  


     The sun is burning off the remaining clouds and it looks like it will be a glorious Saturday in Rochester- and that means a busy day at the Rochester Public Market. Flower City Pickers resumed operations after an eight-week self-imposed suspension to deal with and manage the COVID 19 epidemic. After much planning and many meetings we developed a plan to help keep our volunteers safe. After that, we needed to tackle how to best serve the agencies that have come to rely on our produce deliveries at a time when we could not function normally.

     With the help of Lori’s Natural Foods, Monroe Community Collaborative and the House of Mercy, we developed and implemented a plan to continue to provide shares of food to those in need without compromising safety for the two months we did not collect food at the Public Market. Lori’s Natural Foods has been a very gracious donor, and we hope that the goodwill they pay forward will continue. We value our relationships with all our donors, and we want to express our gratitude to all the employees there - especially G, who has dealt with numerous emails and phone calls to help facilitate this.

     While we missed the Market and it’s seemingly abundant supply of produce, our operations (as they existed) were not safe in the Corona Virus world. Our folksy, feel good, ‘everyone huddled together outdoors under a small 10x10 tent to keep warm’ -in the often subzero temperatures of Rochester - just wouldn’t cut it during the pandemic. We relied on disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer to keep us clean in the rugged environment of the Public Market. We knew immediately that we would change our operations structure, but we needed a plan.

     Fast forward: With the help of a Facebook fundraiser, we raised $1500 to purchase new tables, portable hand washing stations, and other operations supplies that were not budgeted for. The tables will provide the physical distance that is necessary for our volunteers to be able to work without being directly next to each other. Our Development Director created two portable hand washing stations that will be used by the volunteers. We have a safety briefing at the beginning of each Operation, and a designated on site Safety Officer that oversees and helps to remedy any issues that may come up. Volunteers will be shown how to correctly don PPE (put on and take off gloves and wash their hands, as well as how to properly wear a mask).

     Flower City Pickers is dedicated to providing food to those in need and helping to prevent food waste. Despite the obstacles put in front of us, we have been able to have a small impact on the hunger crisis that is happening all over the country. If you know of an organization that could benefit from a share each week, please have them contact us at www.info@flowercitypickers.org

     If you know of an individual or family who is food insecure and could use a hand during this time, please have them reach out to us and we can help get them the resources they need.

     All of us at Flower City Pickers are committed to our mission. Please stay safe and be kind to others. Show courtesy and respect to all those who are working in essential capacities to keep us safe. Wear a mask when in public, wash your hands, and respect physical distancing guidelines.


On May 16, Flower City Pickers resumed operations at the Rochester Public Market.  Thank you EVERYONE for making this a safe volunteer opportunity!  We had an ALL STAR team -  Coehl, Storm, Deborah, Heather, Dan, and Phyllis.  Our Core team - Charles, Evan, Scott, Amanda, Amy, Laura, and our newest member Michael were there to navigate the bumps, and it brought us OVER 1,400 lbs of food that was kept out of the landfill.  THANK YOU!

To the Farmers and Vendors at the Rochester Public Market - a special thank you to all you do for the community and how generous you are.  We appreciate every donation you give, and every act of kindness you show to our collectors and sorters.  Please know that without your generosity, Flower City Pickers would not exist.

We are committed to helping provide food to those who need it in the Rochester and surrounding areas.  Because of this commitment, we MUST continue to adhere to strict safety policies put in place at the start of this pandemic.  We will continue to use www.Signup.com to keep our volunteers up to date with directions and guidelines for their volunteer experience.  We hope to be able to add more volunteers as the nicer weather approaches and the volume of food increases (fingers crossed!).  We will do our best to accommodate needs as they arise.  Please reach out if you have any questions, comments, ideas, suggestions or just to say HI.  Although we have changed our operations, our mission remains:  FEED PEOPLE, NOT LANDFILLS.