Flower City Pickers of Rochester, NY

Founded in January of 2015, Flower City Pickers (FCP) is a nonprofit that redistributes surplus and unsold produce recovered from the City of Rochester Public Market to local homeless shelters, halfway houses, soup kitchens, food pantries, and other organizations with need for food.

Since our start, we have recovered and redistributed over 1 million pounds of food, keeping it in the hands and bellies of our neighbors instead of the landfill.


Feed people, not landfills

Food is sorted into three different FCP food grades-A (astonishing), L (livestock) and C (compost). A-Grade is distributed to homeless shelters and organizations who need produce with a longer shelf life. The L - Grade is picked up by local farmers to help feed their livestock. C-Grade is composted.

Flower City Pickers also participates in educational events within our greater community to share our knowledge on how individuals and organizations can fight climate change and improve food security.