Each Week

  • 1.7k lbs Donated
  • 9.2k lbs Diverted from Landfill
  • 132 Service Hours

Why Food Recovery?

It gives community-driven economic, social and environmental benefits

Flower City Pickers believes that food waste is not just a problem. It is also a resource just like any other that can benefit the common good when effectively and ethically managed. This is why, beginning in October of 2015, we began weighing and cataloging every box of food we have processed during our volunteer-driven food rescues on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Based on this collective data, we can say with confidence that for every one dollar that Flower City Pickers has received, approximately 12 pounds of free produce is delivered to a shelter or soup kitchen and approximately 70 pounds of food is kept out of the landfill. By quickly and deliberately redirecting food waste that would normally be an added cost to the overall food economy, we create cost savings opportunities for organizations across Rochester that work to reinforce the social safety net in an environmentally and financially responsible way.